⚙️LI.FI SDK v2 Interface

Technical overview about LI.FI's SDK.

interface LIFI {
    getConfig(): Config // Get the current configuration of the SDK
    getConfigAsync(): Promise<Config> // Get the SDK configuration after all setup calls are finished
    getRpcProvider(chainId: number, archive: boolean): Promise<FallbackProvider> // Get an instance of a provider for a specific chain
    setConfig(configUpdate: ConfigUpdate): Config // Set a new confuration for the SDK
    getPossibilities(request?: PossibilitiesRequest, options?: RequestOptions): Promise<PossibilitiesResponse> // Get a set of current possibilities based on a request that specifies which chains, exchanges and bridges are preferred or unwanted
    getToken(chain: ChainKey | ChainId, token: string, options?: RequestOptions): Promise<Token> // Fetch information about a Token
    getQuote(request: QuoteRequest, options?: RequestOptions): Promise<LifiStep> // Get a quote for a token transfer
    getContractCallQuote(request: ContractCallQuoteRequest, options?: RequestOptions): Promise<LifiStep> // Get a quote for a destination contract call
    getStatus(request: GetStatusRequest, options?: RequestOptions): Promise<StatusResponse> // Check the status of a transfer. For cross chain transfers, the "bridge" parameter is required
    getTools(request: ToolsRequest, options?: RequestOptions): Promise<ToolsResponse> // Get the available tools to bridge and swap tokens
    getTokens(request?: TokensRequest, options?: RequestOptions): Promise<TokensResponse> // Get all known tokens

    getChains(): Promise<ExtendedChains[]> // Get all available chains
    getRoutes(request: RoutesRequest, options?: RequestOptions): Promise<RoutesResponse> // Get a set of routes for a request that describes a transfer of tokens
    getStepTransaction(step: LifiStep, options?: RequestOptions): Promise<LifiStep> // Get the transaction data for a single step of a route
    getGasRecommendation(request: GasRecommendationRequest, options?: RequestOptions): Promise<GasRecommendationResponse> // Get gas recommendation for a certain chain
    getTokenBalance(walletAddress: string, token: Token): Promise<TokenAmount | null> // Returns the balances of a specific token a wallet holds across all aggregated chains
    getTokenBalances(walletAddress: string, token: Token[]): Promise<TokenAmount | null> // Returns the balances for a list tokens a wallet holds across all aggregated chains
    getTokenBalancesForChains(walletAddress: string, tokensByChain: { [chainId: number]: Token[] }): Promise<{ [chainId: number]: TokenAmount[] }> // This method queries the balances of tokens for a specific list of chains for a given wallet.
    getTokenApproval(signer: Signer, token: Token, approvalAddress: string): Promise<string | undefined> // Get the current approval for a certain token
    bulkGetTokenApproval(signer: Signer, tokenData: RevokeTokenData[]): Promise<{token: Token; approval: string | undefined }[]> // Get the current approval for a list of token / approval address pairs
    approveToken(request: ApproveTokenRequest[]): Promise<void> // Set approval for a certain token and amount
    revokeTokenApproval(request: RevokeApprovalRequest): Promise<void> // Revoke approval for a certain token
    getConnections(connectionRequest: ConnectionsRequest): Promise<ConnectionsRequest> // Get all the available connections for swap / bridging tokens
    executeRoute(signer: Signer, route: Route, settings?: ExecutionSettings): Promise<Route> // Execute a route.
    resumeRoute(signer: Signer, route: Route, settings?: ExecutionSettings): Promise<Route> // Resume the execution of a route that has been stopped or had an error while executing.
    updateRouteExecution(route: Route, settings: Pick<ExecutionSettings, 'executeInBackground'>): void // Updates route execution to background or foreground state
    updateExecutionSettings(settings: ExecutionSettings, route: Route): void // Update the ExecutionSettings for an active route
    moveExecutionToBackground(route: Route): void // Executes a route until a user interaction is necessary (signing transactions, etc.) and then halts until the route is resumed
    stopExecution(route: Route): Route // Stops the execution of an active route
    getActiveRoutes(): Route[] // Get a list of active routes
    getActiveRoute(route: Route): Route | undefined // Return the current route information for given route. The route has to be active
    convertQuoteToRoute(step: LifiStep): Route // Converts a quote to Route


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