Supported Testnets and Tokens

The testnet integrations of many bridges are experimental and might bear issues. This does not reflect the performance of those bridges on the mainnet. If possible please try to use LI.FI on a mainnet with low gas fees instead.

Please make sure you access our staging environment ( to interact with testnets, they are not available on the production API.

Supported Testnets

Currently, we support the following testnets:

Supported Test Tokens

Not all tokens that are supported on the mainnet implementations are also supported on the testnets. Dexes usually offer a wider range of tokens on the testnets, while bridges usually only have limited support.

The following table will list some frequently used testnet tokens and their addresses. The table is horizontally scrollable!

Sometimes Dexes on testnets do not have enough liquidity to perform swaps. The liquidity can be manually increased for a desired token pair. To learn how this works, check out e.g. the Uniswap Documentation.

Minting Tokens on Testnets

Tokens on the testnets can be minted by writing directly on the Contract.

Simply go to the "Contract" view of a token in the explorer and select mint under "Write Contract":

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