๐Ÿš€LI.FI SDK Overview

Cross-chain and on-chain swap and bridging toolkit

LI.FI SDK provides a powerful toolkit for developers to enable seamless cross-chain and on-chain swaps and bridging within their applications. Our JavaScript/TypeScript SDK can be implemented in front-end or back-end environments, allowing you to build robust UX/UI around our advanced bridge and swap functionalities. LI.FI SDK efficiently manages all communications between our smart routing API and smart contracts and ensures optimal performance, security, and scalability for your cross-chain and on-chain needs.

LI.FI SDK features include:

  • All ecosystems, chains, bridges, exchanges, and solvers that LI.FI supports

  • Complete functionality covering full-cycle from obtaining routes/quotes to executing transactions

  • Easy tracking of the route and quote execution through the robust event and hooks handling

  • Highly customizable settings to tailor the SDK to your specific needs including configuration of RPCs and options to allow or deny certain chains, tokens, bridges, exchanges, solvers

  • SDK ecosystem providers are based on industry-standard libraries (Viem, Solana Wallet Standard)

  • Support for arbitrary contract calls on the destination chain

  • Designed for optimal performance with tree-shaking and dead-code elimination, ensuring minimal bundle sizes and faster page load times in front-end environments

  • Compatibility tested with Node.js and popular front-end tools like Vite

Our API is free to use but rate-limited.

Please see Rate Limits & API Key if you need more requests per second.

As an integrator, you can monetize your LI.FI SDK integration and collect fees. Please see Monetization / Take Fees for more information.

Contact our business partnerships team to discover how you can partner with us and integrate LI.FI into your platform.

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