🏯LI.FI Widget Overview

Cross-chain bridging and swapping solution

LI.FI Widget is a set of prebuilt UI components that will help you integrate a secure cross-chain bridging and swapping experience that can be styled to match your web app design perfectly and helps drive your multi-chain strategy and attract new users from everywhere.

Widget features include:

  • Support of all chains, bridges, and exchanges supported by LI.FI SDK

  • Integrated Bridge Insurance and LI.Fuel support

  • Embeddable variants - standard, expandable, and drawer

  • Ability to allow or deny certain chains, tokens, bridges, and exchanges

  • Preview the quote even before connecting the wallet

  • View of transactions in progress and transaction history (stored locally)

  • Route settings for advanced users (stored locally)

  • Wallet management UI with the ability to use your own

  • Custom theming with dark mode support so you can match the look and feel of your web app

  • Complete UI translations to match your customer’s preferred language

  • Compatibility tested with React, Vue, Svelte, Next.js, Gatsby, Vite, CRA

Check out our LI.FI Playground to play with customization options in real time.

As an integrator, you can monetize your LI.FI Widget integration and collect fees. See our monetization guide for more information.

Contact our business partnerships team to discover how you can partner with us and integrate LI.FI into your platform.

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