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Bridge Insurance

A product by LI.FI and InsurAce that insures the transactions going through LI.FI for a small fee
Bridge Insurance is currently live on Jumper for you to test out. It has covered 14700 Unique Users across 27900 transactions by securing a total value of $7.5 million so far.
Bridge Insurance is now available for all of our B2B partners to offer to their users with all of our products.
Insurance is readily available on LI.FI's widget without any additional changes. Learn more about what is covered and what is not covered here.

Bridge Insurance on LI.FI SDK

By default, you get routes without Bridge Insurance using our SDK and API. To get routes with insurance, you would need to pass the boolean parameterinsurance with the value true in the RouteOptions object of LI.FI SDK.
You can find more about RouteOptions here.

Bridge Insurance on LI.FI API

Quote Endpoint

To use insurance on our quote endpoint, pass another query parameter insurance=true along with your usual query.
Here's an example quote request with insurance enabled:

Advanced Routes Endpoint

Bridge insurance is currently available on our Advanced Routes API endpoint. To get routes with Bridge Insurance, you need to pass "insurance" = true inside the options object in the json payload.
Here's an example payload to get routes with insurance:
// json payload
"options": {
"integrator": "lifi-api",
"insurance": true
"fromChainId": 42161,
"fromAmount": "10000000",
"fromTokenAddress": "0xFd086bC7CD5C481DCC9C85ebE478A1C0b69FCbb9",
"toChainId": 10,
"toTokenAddress": "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000"
Click here to learn more about our insurance product.