Integrate our API directly into your dApp.

With our LI.FI REST API, you can easily find the most optimal routes for conducting cross-chain and on-chain swaps and bridges. Our comprehensive solution empowers you to seamlessly swap or bridge assets between different blockchains. Leveraging our strong partnerships with bridges, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and DEX aggregators, we ensure that you receive optimal quotes for your bridging and swapping operations. Explore the full potential of LI.FI's API and streamline your asset transfers today.

Our API is free to use but rate-limited. If you need more requests per second, please ask for an API key.

Here you can find our full API reference

Using the API

The API doesn't require any form of authorization and can easily be accessed via https://li.quest. However, optional API keys will give you access to custom rate limits.

As an integrator, you can monetize your LI.FI API integration and collect fees. See our monetization guide for more information.

Contact our business partnerships team to discover how you can partner with us and integrate LI.FI into your platform.

If your application exceeds our default rate limits, reach out to us via our partners support system to apply for API keys with custom rate limiting.

Learn how to use LI.FI's API within 5 minutes:

Getting started with the API

We offer several guides to teach you about the most important principles of the API. They will teach you step by step how to integrate our endpoints into your dApp:

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