Requesting supported Chains

Find out which chains we currently support.

The complete API documentation for our /chains endpoint can be found here.

We are constantly adding new chains to our ecosystem to enable more and more token transfers.

To get a list of all chains that are currently supported, the /chains endpoint can be queried:

const getChains = async () => {
    /// chainTypes can be of type SVM and EVM, by default, only EVM chains will be returned
    const optionalChainTypes = "EVM"
    const result = await axios.get('',
        {params: {chainTypes: optionalChainType});

The result contains a list of chains that looks the following:

  "chains": [
      "id": 1,
      "key": "eth",
      "name": "Ethereum",
      "chainType": "EVM",
      "coin": "ETH",
      "mainnet": true,
      "logoURI": "",
      "tokenlistUrl": "",
      "multicallAddress": "0x5BA1e12693Dc8F9c48aAD8770482f4739bEeD696",
      "metamask": { // this information is required to add the chain to your MetaMask wallet
        "chainId": "0x1",
        "blockExplorerUrls": [
        "chainName": "Ethereum Mainnet",
        "nativeCurrency": {
          "name": "ETH",
          "symbol": "ETH",
          "decimals": 18
        "rpcUrls": [
      "nativeToken": {
          "address": "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000",
          "symbol": "ETH",
          "decimals": 18,
          "chainId": 1,
          "name": "ETH",
          "coinKey": "ETH",
          "priceUSD": "1197.56",
          "logoURI": ""
    ... // all other supported chains will be present in the list

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