🏹LI.FI vs. Other Aggregators

LI.FI is the most comprehensive and best-in-class aggregation protocol on the market.

We're offering the best API:

  • We support the most chains, bridges, DEX aggregators and single DEXs

  • We support the Most Routes

  • We offer the Best Prices

  • Fastest API (if you only whitelist the bridges & DEXs our competition supports)

  • Cross-Chain Contract Call Support

Values & Positioning:

  • Integrity - no misleading comparison. An API with three supported bridges is faster than one with 11. Supporting all DEX aggregators is slower than supporting just one. Adjust our API to your needs. We don't fake volumes to appear bigger than we are.

  • We're 100% committed to aggregation.

  • We're 100% focused on B2B, focusing on your developer's needs.

  • We're 100% neutral and don't build our own bridge alongside

  • We allow not only asset transfers but also cross-chain contract calls

  • We not only aggregate liquidity networks but also allow you to plug in the data messaging bridge of your choice (Axelar, Nomad, LayerZero, Hyperlane - soon)


  • Adjust our tech to your risk profile by allowing and denying chains, bridges, and DEXs as you trust them or not

  • We're the most active research company in the bridge ecosystem

  • Best Support

    • We provide the best documentation for our SDK and API

    • We're providing a Discord customer support bot for our clients to automate self-help for their users

  • Multi-Chain Gas Provisioning

    • Contact us to discuss how to deal with the lack of gas on destination chains

  • Enterprise Support

    • We genuinely understand large-scale needs

    • Get dedicated API instances independent of other clients' traffic and only get upgraded on demand.

    • Talk to us about compliance

    • Custom integrations with private institutional-grade blockchains

Top Companies Trust LI.FI

We work closely with companies like Consensys, Ledger, BitGo, Bitpanda, and other enterprise players.

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