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Within the first few months of launching our DeFi Middleware (Bridge & DEX Aggregation Layer), we've processed hundreds of millions in volume and transactions.


  • MetaMask, Steakwallet, AlphaWallet, Omni Wallet, Frontier Wallet, Pillar Wallet, Sequence Wallet, and imToken are using us either as a DEX-aggregator-aggregator to get the best price for on-chain swaps and/or for cross-chain any-to-any swaps.


  • Onramper uses us to on- and off-ramp into and from any long-tail asset on any chain.

Web3 Exploration

  • DeFi Saver uses us to allow easy bridging within their DeFi Management platform

DeFi Protocols

DEX Interfaces

  • Rubic and SpiritSwap are using us by just whitelisting themselves and thus, not allow swapping, but also bridging on their interface in order to retain users better

Payment Solutions

  • Superfluid is using us to allow cross-chain deposits and payouts