💡Use Cases

Seamless User-Onboarding from anywhere!

Without LI.FI: For users to start using a new dApp, they often need to go to DEX & bridge interfaces in order to get the right asset, which involves a lot of decision-making.

With LI.FI: Implemented in your dApp interface in any custom way, users can pick any asset on any chain and bridge, swap and move it on the spot, into the desired asset or vault on your dApp.

Cross-chain Swaps

Without LI.FI: DApps are offering asset swaps on one chain and are about loose users as they have to go to other bridges & DEXes.

With LI.FI: DApps can implement our SDK and offer cross-chain bridging & swaps whereby they can always use our "prefer" setting to prefer their own LPs/AMMs whenever possible to avoid losing revenue by doing so.

Cross-Chain Yield Farming Strategies

Without LI.FI: Yield aggregators are primarily acting within one ecosystem. Cross-chain strategies offer much higher yields and are widely untapped.

With LI.FI: Vault contracts keep track of yields across multiple chains, deposit their funds in the best way, and then find the most trustless and cheapest bridge with enough liquidity to deposit into the highest yield generating protocols.

Multi-Chain Money Markets

Without LI.FI: Users can't borrow on chain A without moving funds across chains first.

With LI.FI: DApps can communicate across chains and let users collateralize, borrow and repay their loans on different chains.

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