How to get integrated by LI.FI?

Are you a bridge, DEX, aggregator, or solver? Learn how to get integrated and when it might be hard for us.

Preamble & Priorization

Preamble: LI.FI is a neutral multi-chain liquidity aggregator. We aim to aggregate everyone we can trust to be safe.

We're getting asked almost every day by decentralized exchanges, bridges, aggregators, and solvers to implement their solutions. In reality, each new integration brings its own complexity and maintenance overhead, which makes it harder to implement new solutions with each new solution we implement.

Our method to prioritize is simple: by customer demand. Our customers tell us which ecosystems they want us to support, which bridges they need, which DEXs they want implemented, and which DEXs they'd like to see.

Should we get to the point of implementing you, you need to meet the following technical requirements on your API: Technical API Requirements

As a bridge

Implementing new bridges costs us a lot of time and work, not only because we need to implement you in the backend and on the smart contract side but also because we must test you exhaustively and understand your edge cases. We also have so much traffic that we need to stress test you and optimize each implementation (e.g., by understanding which information we can cache on our side).

The prioritization is purely shaped by our enterprise customers. There is not much we can do about it. It's already hard for us to satisfy their needs, even LI.FI already has >60 employees.

How can I increase my chances of getting implemented?

1) Proof with data that you're outperforming at least one of the Top 2 bridges you can see on this dashboard:

2) Mimic one of the existing APIs, so that integration would essentially mean copying and pasting existing bridge-implementation files. You can see a list of implemented bridges here: List: Chains, Bridges, DEXs, Solvers

That means the API endpoints and their inputs and outputs must be matched 1:1.

As a solver

We need to be able to treat you like a DEX: How to get integrated as a DEX?

As a DEX or DEX aggregator

Reason 1) to not integrate you: Lack of tx-flow support

We currently do not support any transaction flow that relies on:

  • Limit Orders

  • Orderbooks

  • RFQ

  • Intent Execution

It simply does not fit our backend and smart contract architecture, and it will take us a huge rewrite to get there. That is also frustrating for us. There is no timeline for this.

Reason 2) to not integrate you: You're integrated by other aggregators we've aggregated

Due to lack of resources, we like to expand by using existing established DEX aggregators like 1inch, 0x, Paraswap, DODO, OpenOcean. That being said, if one of them has already integrated you, we most likely won't integrate you.

How to get integrated as a DEX?

Option 1: You are a UniswapV2 clone

Given we somehow come to a special deal, where for example you also integrate us, we might be incentivized to also integrate you, even though you're already integrated in a DEX aggregator. We can add new UniswapV2 and V3 clones easily within a few minutes. But we need the following information from you for each chain you're present on:

Information for each chain you're on:

    name: 'Honeyswap',
    chainId: 100,
    webUrl: '',
    tokenlistUrl: '',
    routerAddress: '0x1C232F01118CB8B424793ae03F870aa7D0ac7f77',
    factoryAddress: '0xA818b4F111Ccac7AA31D0BCc0806d64F2E0737D7',
    initCodeHash: '0x3f88503e8580ab941773b59034fb4b2a63e86dbc031b3633a925533ad3ed2b93',
    baseTokens: [
        address: '0x71850b7e9ee3f13ab46d67167341e4bdc905eef9',
        symbol: 'HNY',
        decimals: 18,,

At least 300x300px and with a white or transparent background.

Option 2: You're not a UniswapV2 clone

If you're something else, we need to be able to talk to your API. So keep the documentation ready and contact us.

Technical API Requirements

  • The ability to handle at least 1 request per second.

  • You have readable and understandable error messages and fail gracefully.

  • Your avg. API response time is < 1 second


  • You have a support channel and remain responsive during integration and afterward

  • You don't implement breaking API changes without 3 weeks of notice.

To get the integration started:

Please get in touch with us on Discord:

Visit our Partnership page.

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