DEX & DEX aggregators

If you're a DEX or DEX aggregator and you want to allow your users to do cross-chain swaps and whenever possible, use your DEX, then there are two options.

Option 1: You are a UniswapV2 clone

Then we can add you to our system within a few minutes. But we need the following information from you for each chain you're present on:

Information for each chain you're on:

    name: 'Honeyswap',
    chainId: 100,
    webUrl: '',
    tokenlistUrl: '',
    routerAddress: '0x1C232F01118CB8B424793ae03F870aa7D0ac7f77',
    factoryAddress: '0xA818b4F111Ccac7AA31D0BCc0806d64F2E0737D7',
    initCodeHash: '0x3f88503e8580ab941773b59034fb4b2a63e86dbc031b3633a925533ad3ed2b93',
    baseTokens: [
        address: '0x71850b7e9ee3f13ab46d67167341e4bdc905eef9',
        symbol: 'HNY',
        decimals: 18,,

At least 300x300px and with white or transparent background.

Option 2: You're not a UniswapV2 clone

If you're something else, we need to be able to talk to your API. So keep the documentation ready and contact us.

To get the integration started:

Please get in touch with us on Discord:

Visit our Partnership page.

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