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LI.FI is a cross-chain bridge aggregation protocol that supports any-2-any swaps by aggregating bridges and connecting them to DEXes and DEX aggregators.
In a nutshell, we're like 1inch & Paraswap for bridges, we choose the best bridge to move funds from one chain to another, but since bridges only support stablecoins and a few other coins, we have DEXes on both sides of the bridges to swap before and after the bridge, thus facilitating any-2-any swaps across chains.
For example, AAVE on Polygon -> DAI on Polygon using Paraswap -> DAI on Avalanche using NXTP -> SPELL on Avalanche using Paraswap
To learn more about why LI.FI exists, please check out our announcement article.
If you're a DEX, dApp, or wallet, it is in your best interest to integrate our Install LI.FI SDK to keep users in your interface to allow on-chain and cross-chain swaps and a combination of both.
If you're a yield aggregation protocol or another dApp, integrate our smart contract for the fastest and most reliable transfer of funds across chains.

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For whom is our SDK & API?

Literally for anyone who thinks about going cross-chain. But there are two use-cases from which it's the most obvious: DEXs (and DEX aggregators), as well as Wallets, will find it to be low-hanging fruit, integrating our SDK and API to keep users at their interface.
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For whom is our SDK & API?
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