The LI.FI contracts have been audited and will continue to be audited regularly. Below you can find all contract audits to date.

Latest: Spearbit (11 Apr 2023)

Spearbit is a decentralized network of security experts. We provide security consulting services to clients in web3.

Unlike traditional auditing firms that employ teams of full-time security researchers, Spearbit sources top talent from everywhere in the web3 ecosystem to assemble the best possible team.

We also invest heavily into mentoring new security researchers, who get the opportunity to work alongside and learn from some of the most prominent names in the industry.

For our security researchers, we provide the operational layer to ensure that none of their valuable time is wasted on menial administrative work or client sourcing and due diligence. We also give them the opportunity to collaborate regularly with other security researchers instead of working alone.

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Spearbit (18 Oct 2022)

First full audit with Spearbit.

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Quantstamp (06 May 2022)

Quantstamp is the leader in blockchain security, having performed over 250 audits and secured over $200 billion in value. Our mission is to facilitate the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology through our security and risk assessment services.

Quantstamp services include securing Layer 1 blockchains such as Ethereum 2.0 and Solana, securing smart contract-powered NFT and DeFi applications such as Maker and OpenSea, and developing financial primitives for Layer 1 blockchain ecosystems. Enterprise companies and NGOs such as Visa, Toyota, and Siemens also trust Quantstamp to secure their blockchain implementations.

During the audit outlined in this document, Quantstamp conducted an analysis of the LI.FI smart contract system is written in Solidity. The audit was completed on May 6, 2022.

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Code4rena (30 Mar 2022)

Code4rena (C4) is an open organization consisting of security researchers, auditors, developers, and individuals with domain expertise in smart contracts.

A C4 audit contest is an event where community participants, referred to as Wardens, review, audit, or analyze smart contract logic in exchange for a bounty provided by sponsoring projects.

During the audit contest outlined in this document, C4 conducted an analysis of the LI.FI smart contract system is written in Solidity. The audit contest took place between March 24โ€”March 30 2022.

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